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Customs Reform: let customs clearance speed catch up with in
Shenzhen Xinlicheng Technology Co.,Ltd. / 2016-10-11

Three major integrated circuit enterprises in Pudong, Shanghai: Zhongxin International Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Huahong Hongli Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., have reported to the Customs that the customs clearance speed of material masks urgently needed for integrated circuit production can not keep up with the increasing capacity this year. The bottleneck problem encountered by enterprises is the direction of customs business reform. Taking advantage of the expansion of Shanghai Pudong Free Trade Zone and the construction of the global science and technology center, Shanghai Pudong Customs has actively explored new measures to facilitate the customs clearance of integrated circuit production materials through a large number of investigations and documentary operations.


In view of the continuous development of integrated circuit manufacturing logistics chain and the continuous compression of customs clearance time limit, especially the situation of "zero stock" of productive raw materials, Shanghai Pudong Customs has given priority to the approval of tax reduction and exemption of production raw materials and equipment spare parts for integrated circuit projects. The approval time limit has been reduced from 10 working days to 5-7 working days. In recent years, the approval time has been reduced from 10 working days to 5-7 working days. One-step reduction to 1-3 working days, in case of special emergencies, can also achieve the speed of approval of orders issued on the same day. In the first half of this year, Pudong Customs accepted 12,065 applications for tax reduction and exemption for integrated circuit projects, an increase of 26% over the same period of last year; the value of goods was 309 million US dollars, an increase of 5%, a new high in the same period in recent three years.




For large-scale integrated circuit enterprises, Shanghai Pudong Customs has also changed the original cargo-oriented ticket-by-ticket guarantee mechanism and explored the implementation of enterprise-based "total guarantee" mechanism. After the successful implementation of this measure, the customs clearance time of materials urgently needed by integrated circuit production will be reduced from 3-5 working days to one working day until they enter the enterprise material warehouse, and finally "zero waiting" for customs clearance will be realized.




Source: Shanghai customs, People's Republic of China

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