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China Mobile's rapid development of e-commerce promotes smar
Shenzhen Xinlicheng Technology Co.,Ltd. / 2016-10-11

According to IDC forecast, due to the rapid growth of a large number of mobile netizens and mobile e-commerce transactions, China's e-commerce competition will focus on mobile e-commerce in 2014.


The Tianmao "Shuang11" Shopping Festival in 2013 not only created the sales record of online retail, but also showed the powerful power of China Mobile Electronics:


According to official data released by Ali, Taobao Mobile's 2013 double eleven overall Alipay turnover is 5 billion 350 million, the number of single day active users reaches 127 million, and mobile Taobao's single day turnover number is 35 million 900 thousand, and the number of transactions accounts for 21% of the total. According to the data released by Alipay, Alipay has achieved 45 million 180 thousand mobile phone payment accounts, accounting for 24.03% of the total number of transactions in Alipay, and 11 billion 300 million of Alipay mobile payment, which is the highest level of mobile payment in the world today. According to the data released by Alipay, the number of mobile phones is 45 million 180 thousand.


And compared with the beginning of 2013, people's acceptance of mobile e-commerce has increased by 10%, which also indicates that mobile e-commerce is an irresistible trend of the times.


IDC also predicts that the size of China's mobile e-commerce market will reach 155.22 million yuan in 2014, an increase of 67.9% compared with 2013, and far exceed the average growth rate of 28% in the online retail market in the same period. The growth of mobile e-commerce also means that the number of users using smartphones to trade increases, which is one of the reasons why smartphone shipments have increased dramatically in recent years.


According to the CNNIC report, China's mobile Internet industry continued to develop rapidly in 2013, with 500 million mobile netizens and 81% penetration. In addition, the report also points out that the smartphone market in China maintained a rapid growth in 2013, with 318 million smartphones shipped in 2013, an increase of 64.1% year-on-year, 580 million smartphones in the market, an increase of 60.3% year-on-year. It is expected that the smartphone market will reach 780 million in 2014, which also promotes touch screens and video cameras at home and abroad. For example, domestic manufacturer Credit & Profit's revenue reached HK$20.7 billion last year, up 67% from 12.4 billion in 2012, and is expected to go further this year.


The development of mobile e-commerce has also enabled more businesses to display their products on mobile phones, thus requiring sharper screen, text and video display to show the product's colorful and attractive appearance and characteristics, which in turn puts forward higher requirements for display screens and cameras. In this case, Xinli keeps pace with the times and improves the quality of products. Last year, Xinli FHD display module was applied to many high-end mobile phones at home and abroad, generally achieving a resolution of 1920*1080. This year's 5.5''Quad-HD display has a resolution of 1,440*2,560 (the so-called 2K mobile phone display), with a PPI of 538, breaking through 500 hurdles, four times the resolution of HD720, and showing better and clearer images. At present, the 5.5''/6.0''Quad-HD mobile phone display screen, which can be produced in large quantities, is the commonly used size of most users, and also meets the requirements of multi-color display of mobile advertising. At the same time, Xinli's 16-megapixel camera produced this year also meets the requirements of real-time photo upload and display of high-quality product pictures. It can be said that mobile commerce has promoted the development and technological progress of smart phone components.

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