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SamSung China semiconductor packaging test production line c
Shenzhen Xinlicheng Technology Co.,Ltd. / 2016-10-11

After a year of intensive construction, Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. completed and put into operation at 3 p.m. on April 14. The production line of packaging and testing was formally completed and mass-produced. This not only means that the production of Samsung high-end flash memory chip project in Xi'an has entered a new stage, but also marks a semi-conductor. The whole industry chain in the field of production is formed in Xi'an high tech Zone.




Lou Qinjian, Deputy Secretary and Governor of Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Wei Minzhou, Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Xi'an Municipal Committee, Jiang Feng, Vice Secretary and Mayor Dong Jun of Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Li Kangguo, Consul General of the Korean Consulate in Xi'an, and Jin Qinan, Director-General of Semiconductor Business Department of Samsung Electronic Non-terminal Department, attended the ceremony. Relevant departments at the provincial level, relevant leaders of Xi'an, Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the High-tech Zone, Zhao Hongtian and relevant leaders of the High-tech Zone participated in the completion ceremony.




Since the start of Samsung's high-end flash memory chip project on September 12, 2012, the production line has been successfully completed and put into operation on May 9, 2014, with the strong support of relevant ministries and departments of provinces and municipalities, and with the full cooperation of Samsung and the high-tech zone. The completed Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. packaging and testing production line started construction in January 2014 for 12 months and put into trial production. The project only took 12 months from construction to trial operation, which further highlighted the speed of Shaanxi and the efficiency of Xi'an. It will mainly produce solid state hard disk (SSD) based on 3D vertical flash memory (3D V-NAND). The completion and commissioning of the packaging and testing production line marks that Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. will become a comprehensive semiconductor production park integrating memory chip production, packaging and testing. The whole industry chain of semiconductor production has been formed in Xi'an High-tech Zone.




It is reported that Samsung has built a storage chip production base in Huacheng, South Korea, and a packaging and testing center in Wenyang, South Korea and Suzhou, China. Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd., located in the comprehensive bonded zone of Xi'an High-tech Zone, is a production park integrating production and packaging testing. After the completion and commissioning of the packaging and testing production line, the 3D V-NAND flash memory produced by the former project will be made into solid-state hard disk (SSD) through encapsulation and testing processes. Samsung Electronics holds the first place in the world market share in the field of solid-state hard disk. Driven by the explosive growth trend of solid-state hard disk, the solid-state hard disk based on V-NAND flash produced in Xi'an will play an important role in promoting the popularization of solid-state hard disk by Samsung Electronics.


Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. packaging test production line completed, marking the completion of a complete semiconductor industry chain in Xi'an High-tech Zone. At the same time, with the successive settlements and production of Samsung Electronics and related supporting projects, as well as the existing semiconductor industry clusters such as Meguiar and Applied Materials in the High-tech Zone, a semiconductor industry cluster with a scale of over 100 billion yuan is about to emerge, and Xi'an has leaped into a more competitive electronic information industry base worldwide. . It has a positive, important and far-reaching impact on enhancing the international influence of Xi'an High-tech Zone, accelerating the construction progress of Xi'an's international metropolis, and accelerating the pace of Shaanxi's opening up and international cooperation. It will promote Shaanxi's transformation of the mode of economic growth and adjustment of industrial structure, help Shaanxi's electronic information industry to become bigger and stronger, promote the development and growth of strategic emerging industries in Shaanxi, and form regional clusters of electronic information industry, which will be of great significance to the adjustment, upgrading and transformation of industrial structure in the whole Guantian Economic Zone and the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt. It is important.

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