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ROHM has become the official technical partner of the ventur
Shenzhen Xinlicheng Technology Co.,Ltd. / 2016-10-14

ROHM has become the official technical partner of Venturi Formula E Team.




By providing SiC power components, it helps to improve the performance of cars.




_ROHM, a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer, has signed a three-year technical partnership agreement with Venturi Formula E Team participating in the FIA Electric Equation Championship (Formula E).




From the third season, which opens on October 9, we will provide the world's most advanced power semiconductor, SiC (silicon carbide) power components, to support the miniaturization, lightening and high efficiency of machinery for the inverter part, which plays a key role in the driving of racing cars.




_Compared with the previous Si (silicon) power components, SiC power components are expected to perform well in the fields of automobile, urban infrastructure, environment/energy, and industrial equipment.




In 2010, ROHM was the first SiC-MOSFET manufacturer in the world. As a leading enterprise of SiC power components, ROHM is developing the most advanced technology in the world. In the automotive field, the on-board chargers for fast charging have an overwhelming market share, and the adoption of motors and inverters for electric vehicles (EV) is also accelerating.




As a brand new stage of electric vehicles, racing fans all over the world are captivated by the charm of electric equation racing. The importance of power management ability is very different from previous automobile competitions. How to use the power stored in the battery more efficiently will determine the final victory or defeat.




_has made remarkable achievements in the field of power management technology in the automotive industry, and is also a leading enterprise in mastering the key "SiC" of high efficiency. Venturi Electric Formula Fleet has also placed great expectations on ROHM.




ROHM will continue to contribute to the development of electric equation, electric vehicle and society, and further promote the technological innovation of power semiconductor.






The voice from venturi and ROHM > Franck Baldet, CTO, Venturi Formula E Team




The core of electric formula racing is power management. By working with ROHM with SiC technology, we have improved the whole electronic system of our car so that our motor can achieve higher speed.




ROHM Co., Ltd. director and director of discrete device production, this module is responsible for the production of To Katsumi.




"We are very pleased to see that our technology has contributed to the electric formula car. We hope to demonstrate the quality and efficiency of our products on the track.




In the next few years, it is believed that SiC power components will be more and more used in hybrid and pure electric vehicles. We hope to play an important role in energy policy reform through the realization of more economic technologies in a wide range of industries and even in a wider range of social areas.




_For the third season, the SIC Schottky barrier diode of ROHM is mounted in the inverters. Compared with the inverters used in the second season, the efficiency is improved by 1.7%, and the miniaturization of 2 kg is realized. In addition, through the small and light weight of the cooling system, the size of the 30% of the inverter is also miniaturized.




_SiC-MOSFET plan will be applied to the inverter in the fourth season, which is expected to bring greater improvements.




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Formula E (Formula E) is the highest peak of the automobile race, which is held by the International Federation of Automobiles (FIA) since 2014. It is the first time in the world to use electric vehicles in Formula E racing races, such as the World Formula 1 Championship (F1) and the World Rally Championship (WRC). As an electric vehicle research and development test site, its goal is to further promote social interest in electric vehicles.




_Because of the realization of all-electric drive, compared with the existing racing sports such as gasoline engine, the driving sound is very small, and no exhaust gas is emitted when driving. It is precisely because of this characteristic that all competitions are held on the urban street tracks. The third season opens in Hong Kong in October 2016. It is planned to be held in 10 cities, including Marrakech, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Monaco, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Montreal and New York.




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Venturi Automobiles, a manufacturer based in Monaco that produces a small number of cars, has been working on full electronics since it was acquired by Gildo Pallanca Pastor in 1999. Wentuli maintains the current highest speed record for all-electric drive system vehicles, and is a pioneer in the world who has created many records on electric vehicles. The Venturi Electric Formula Team, founded in December 2013, is one of the 10 teams authorized by FIA at the opening of the first Electric Formula Championship.

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